Muslim Consumers

Muslim consumers are a growing at phenomenal pace in the Muslim world and overseas. Muslims are influential and extremely loyal group, making them a desirable target market for mainstream brands. But reaching them and making inroads to this sector takes deep understanding of the values of the Muslim community and building the brand.

The Muslim audience are young, aspiring, ambitious and worth at least $2 trillion globally. A new Muslim consumer is set to change the face of business.
The Muslim consumers are crucial to marketers because they are so influential, have considerable spending power and are more connected than their older more traditional counterparts. They are also willing to speak proudly about their identity and faith.

Muslim consumers today are much less convinced by an Islamic banking ‘window’ from a global bank that is known to operate on non-Islamic lines everywhere else in the world.

Understanding the Islamic values at a non-superficial level is vital for any brand that is thinking of targeting Muslim consumers.

If you look at some of the values that stem from the Quran, you’ll find a list of appealing values, such as pure, honorable, honest, consistent, kind, true, trusted, responsible, wise, respectful and intelligent.”